Women of the Future 2017

THE COMPETITION HAS CLOSED. Finalists will be announced in the August issue of FAIRLADY on sale from 24 July 2017.


We were amazed at how high our finalists and winners set the bar last year! In fact, all the entrants were impressive – not just because of their ability to turn a bright idea into a sustainable business, but because of the deter­mination and hard work it took for them to succeed. We’re so proud of our winners: Woman of the Future 2016, Sarah Collins of Wonderbag, and Rising Star, Moyin Oloruntoba of The A1. You are so inspiring! 

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Every issue of FAIRLADY features entrepreneurs who have taken that brave first step, and we celebrate their vision, courage, and contribution to our country. We believe in women, and we believe in women doing business. The economy of South Africa depends on us! And, of course, most of us dream of working for ourselves: who wouldn’t prefer to be totally in control of their time, their pace and their creativity? So we’re super-excited to open the entries for the 2017 FAIRLADY Women of the Future Awards in partnership with Santam, in which two remarkable female entrepre­neurs who are changing our world will win loads of amazing prizes to help them take their businesses even further. Through an independent research survey that was conducted with over 600 small business owners in South Africa, Santam found that the first 1000 days in business are statistically the hardest. If you’re still in business at day 1000, you’re likely to succeed and thrive, long-term. For all research findings, and to discover what makes a successful entrepreneur, visit their 1000 Days hub on www.santam.co.za, a platform where entrepreneurs with start-up businesses share their journeys and give advice to those who are starting out. Topics range from what it takes to survive the critical first 1000 days to user-friendly infographics and videos. So right now, we’d love you to enter the most exciting and prestig­ious competition of the year! SO WHAT DOES IT TAKE? There are two categories: the FAIRLADY Woman of the Future title is awarded to an entrepreneur whose business has survived the first 1000 days and who is well on her way to creating an empire. The FAIRLADY Rising Star goes to an entrepreneur between 16 and 30 years old who is still within her first 1000 days, but whose business our judges believe will survive and flourish way beyond them.