Anna-Mare Herselman

Companies Name:
1st for Ladies Driving School (Pty) Ltd

What does your company do?

Ladies 1st Driving School was established in January 2014 by Anna-Maré Herselman. She is a young, qualified and energetic Female Driving Instructor who is passionate about teaching learners of all ages the rules and regulations of the road. We teach Learners the safest way to drive, to the best of our ability. We are committed in keeping the company's standards much higher than the average. We are professional in our teaching and in our response to our clients. Each lesson is tailored to individual needs and requirements, going at the Learner's own pace. Our clients are very important to their families, to us and to the safety of our roads. It is our avowed intention to give the best value for money to our clients as we get most of our custom through customer recommendation

What has been your biggest success?

Every client who passes their licence with confidence, we see as a success. We have successfully assisted over 300 clients in our first 3 years of running the business, to become confident, cautious and legal driver’s. Road safety is extremely important to us and our aim is to help improve safety on the road by assisting driver's to obtain sufficient caution needed, to drive with confidence. I have to also mention something that was a huge success for me, being chosen in 2015 for a South African Lotto campaign called “My one thing. My advert became a part of the weekly Live Lotto draw where I was chosen to share my dream with the whole of South Africa to launch my Driving school as a franchise.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

As mentioned before, my dream is to launch my Driving school as a Franchise. This has been our biggest hurdle as we are struggling with the legal and financial side of getting this done. It's baby steps each day at a time but I believe that I will get my business launched so we can assist as many female's around our country to become confident and legal driver's. The next step will be to start searching for the right shareholders to share the same vision and dream to make this a reality.

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