Claire Reid

Companies Name:
Reel Gardening

What does your company do?

Reel Gardening connects people to the soil, to their food and to eachother. We manufacture and sell Gardens in a Box using the patented seed tape technology that Claire Reid invented as a school girl. We make growing your own food fast and fun. Anyone can get started with what ever space and resources they have. We sell our product in store and online both in South Africa and in the USA and for every garden in a box we sell we are able to donate gardens to families and schools in need around south africa. To date we have positively impacted over 2000 schools and communities in south africa.

What has been your biggest success?

Being selected as one out of 600 world wide entrepreneurs to win the Securing Water for Food Grand Challenge. I was also selected as the 2017 FAC Agriprenure of the year at the GEC summit this year. We have just launched in the USA through the Girl Scouts of America and this has been a monumental success. But i do currently feel that being a mom to a 20 month old energy filled little boy and running a company at the same time is to biggest success to date.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Growing our brand awareness in South Africa. Our product requires alot of consumer education and this has been a hurdle but we have overcome it and are now growing.

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