Haneefa Motani

Companies Name:
StyLishi Mama

What does your company do?

My brand is dedicated to empowering women, particularly mothers and my mission is threefold Firstly StyLishi Mama is a functional and fashionable maternity line that was created to embrace an expecting mothers figure before, during and post pregnancy The garments are breastfeeding friendly and are locally designed and produced Secondly, StyLishi Mama in collaboration with a competitor who shares a similar vision, will soon be launching the ultimate shopping experience for mothers and children which will showcase local talent, more specifically female owned businesses Thirdly and probably most importantly StyLishi Mama will soon be piloting a CSR initiative that will up-skill mothers in need of a surplus income by facilitating in teaching them how to make and market accessories such as nappy bags, jewellery and scarves Above all else, my goal is to make women, particularly mothers, feel as important as they deserve for the immense value that they contribute.

What has been your biggest success?

Having inspired so many people. You see... I was the funny one/ black sheep in my family- the least academically inclined ironically. Since I have started my business, and its only been eight months (I also gave birth to my son two weeks after launching), I seem to have started a trend as five of my friends have recently launched a business or are on a mission to do so. And that's just the beginning. Most importantly, my four year old daughter, Alisha- the inspiration behind this most exciting chapter, told me that she was proud of me and that feeling which I felt as she said that was unlike anything I've ever experienced. It's also a huge bonus that I get to fulfill my true passion which is empowering women from all different walks of life through my business.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Being to trusting. Ironically trying to outsource services to female owned start ups has really bitten me in the butt- pardon my abruptness. Also having to challenge myself in areas where I always believed that I was a failure like dealing with finances for example. Honestly there have been countless hurdles... Sick children, sleepless nights, not budgeting for a huge expense that could have been mitigated had I done adequate research, a broken partnership between my best friend and I who started this journey together, my own insecurities, the guilt I felt from inability to exclusively breastfeed my son because I had meetings... The list goes on but what I have learned is that with persistence and passion, you can overcome any hurdle!