Heleen Meyer

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What does your company do?

My team and I encourage, inspire and teach others about the importance and joys of good food that is good for you. We develop easy recipes, that everyone can associate with, using everyday ingredients. As a working mom who cares about my family's nutrition, I can relate to the cooking needs and challenges this can bring. Our recipes are creative, interesting and tasty, debunking the myth that healthy food is bland and boring. We share recipes in a practical way through my recipes books, cooking demonstrations, presentations, printed and online articles as well as regular radio and television inserts. Different social media platforms are also utilised to make healthy cooking and eating sustainable for everyone. We also develop recipes and do food styling for various food companies, encouraging consumers to use these ingredients to cook and eat healthily.

What has been your biggest success?

I have written three successful recipe books, two of which have received international awards. I have been a regular contributor to a national radio station for more than five years, sharing my passion for healthy eating. I currently have a weekly insert on a kykNet television show, which has been running for more than a year. As an independent food consultant I have managed to become a strong voice in the campaign to encourage South Africans to change the way they eat, addressing the high levels of lifestyle related diseases we have in our country. During the past few years I have developed my business into a one-stop service for companies, saving them time and money, while adding value to their brands. I have established a network of food photographers, videographers, graphic designers and printers who becomes part of my team for various projects.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Changing the way South Africans think about and perceive the importance of healthy eating as well as their eating habits. It is a constant challenge to combine a solid food knowledge with a general appeal, while establishing my business to have a competitive edge, in an environment where consumers are bombarded with marketing and advertising information about food choices. Offering corporate food clients and consumers alike, sound advice and practical ways to follow the best possible food practices on a daily basis, remains a challenge.

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