Kirsten Townsend

Companies Name:
Fabrica PTY Ltd

What does your company do?

Fabrica is a Creative Consultancy specializing in Branding, Graphic Design, and Communication I have a portfolio of products designed exclusively under the Fabrica brand. In 2016 I left my full time job as Creative Director at a Branding & Design agency to pursue various creative itches which I had. In my first year being solo I debuted ‘Ndebele Burglar Bars’ inspired to preserve traditional cultures, being lost as urbanisation draws people into the cities. In March 2017 I launched ‘Citymapmats’ Drawing inspiration from spaces & architecture, the facades of buildings & windows inspired the patterns which are woven into the rugs, forming road maps of urban areas in JHB as well as CT. I currently balance Graphic Design & Branding jobs, as well as pursue self-initiated product & design projects. In April 2017, along with my partner, I opened Gathere: a co-working, photographic studio, and gallery in Kramerville Design District.

What has been your biggest success?

Gosh. My biggest success was actually leaving my full-time employment to pursue various creative ideas. It was terrifying to leave the safety of a salary, endure overheads, and have no guarantee of income. I have never looked back. In terms of achievements, winning Grand Prix at The Loerie Awards in 2014 for branding and design work. Successfully launching my Citymapmat rugs which are now on exhibition in Paris, and recently opening a creative space, Gathere, to aid as a platform for others in our creative community.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest hurdle has been a work-life-balance. I am still struggling with this, and don't have the answer. I just want to do so much, and struggle to sit still. I currently run two platforms which are not-for-profit, Freelance Fridays, essentially a support system for freelancers, as well as Ladies, Wine & Design, which is a once a month meet up where we discuss various design related topics and share resources. I don't take well to 'relax' 'take it easy' which can sometimes effect the life side of the work-life-balance scale. The biggest hurdle for me is trying to figure out a balance in between getting around to everything.

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