Marsha Gabriel

Companies Name:
De`Ma Restaurant

What does your company do?

De`Ma Restaurant specialises in authentic Indian cuisine dishes, desserts and signature drinks. De`Mas Durban style and signature Bunny Chows, varying in 2 different size portions (quarter loaf and half loaf) has earned itself an enduring place in the affections of South Africans and international visitors. Our garlic naan, coriander naan and sesame naan breads are skilfully prepared in a tandoor oven. All grills are marinated in homemade spices and grilled to perfection in our tandoor oven. De`Mas signature dishes includes our breyani, tandoori prawns and curries. De`Ma prepares its own paneer (cheese), yogurt, pickles and sauces. De`Ma caters for events, parties, boardroom meetings, product launches with tailor made finger foods, 3 plasma screens & basic equipment all in an exclusive rendezvous. De`Mas classic burfee cake is a winner.

What has been your biggest success?

I have several notable accomplishments, one of which is going beyond the boundaries of my disabilities. I was medically boarded in 2001 due to major spine surgery hence i was found unfit for the open about market- business was my only option to sustain my family. (You don't have a job- create one) 90% of my staff are women that were either unemployed, unskilled or a school drop out. I trained them and allowed them to trump the boundaries of their limitations. In 2012 I hosted the Formalising Informal Trade Exhibition in Gateway. 25 street traders was exposed to a new market and customer base. the key is monetizing talent and formalising trade. De`Ma restaurant played an key role in the above.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest challenge is securing my chefs visas hence my chefs are from India.I have the opportunity to franchise my business. A leading Franchise company believes that we are a market leader and guarantees us a minimum of 3 new restaurants across the country per annum. However the challenge is securing a minimum of 10 foreign chefs. For every 3 foreign chef we contribute to 13 local employment. Is it true, that any government want their citizens to be employed?

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