Mbali Mncwabe

Companies Name:
Kiddies Korner Hair Salon

What does your company do?

We are a children's hair salon based in Northriding. We understand the frustration that parents under go especially mothers when it's time to do their little angels hair hence the idea of a Kiddies Hair Salon came to mind. Our facilities are child-friendly and our stylists are well trained on how to work with kids and are sensitive to their needs. We have a fun-filled and ouchless experience when a little one comes to do their hair, not only do we do their hair but teach mom's how to look after kiddie hair. Our main goal is to teach little one's to groom themselves from a tender age and look forward to their next salon trip. Our love for children makes us look forward to waking up and coming to the salon every after all we are "the hair haven for little angels".

What has been your biggest success?

My biggest success has been watching the Kiddies Korner Brand grow. I walked into an industry I knew nothing about but I have learnt so much along the way. I have grown as a person being in this business. I have no entrepreneurial background at all and I am learning everything as I go. I am so proud of myself because before I started this business I was an intern in a graduate program that was let go from her job and now I am a business woman with a growing brand that mom's want to be associated it. People all over the country are always asking for the Kiddies Korner Brand in their region. I turned a sad situation of losing a job to being self-employed and along the way hiring more people and that on its own is a true success.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

When I started this business I did not have plenty of cash flow, I was pregnant and relying on family to help me financially. I have moved from being financially independent to asking for money from family which is very frustrating. The business was not doing well at all and I was almost blacklisted. I was about to close the shop down and go look for a job because I was expecting. There truly is power in not giving up and hanging in there because I truly did stand the test of time. The love and the passion for what I do kept me going. I have moved from seeing 30 clients a month to services 300 little clients a week including their parents. Perseverance truly is the mother of success I have seen it in my life and in my business.

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