Nerikè Botes

Companies Name:
House of An Image Emporium / Alila Professional Makeup

What does your company do?

I started House of An as a retail shop and beauty salon in 2014. The idea was to be an appointed and official distributor for Alila Professional Makeup in Johannesburg. House of An's vision is to provide individuals with a one-stop-beauty-need shop and beauty salon, providing them with the experience of "beauty" through our professional and unique services and concepts. We aim for all our clients to perceive themselves as beautiful, whether on an individual basis or by following the latest trends, all based on a combination of inner beauty, which we encourage and outer beauty, which is attributed on an aesthetic basis. We aim to set new and affordable standards to beauty care and goals, to make clients feel their best and comfortable in their own skin. Our motto is: Step in as an ORDINARY WOMAN and step out as an EXTRAORDINARY LADY.

What has been your biggest success?

I had a very unique concept for House of An and with this idea I entered MNet's first season of Shark Tank in 2016. I was successfully chosen to present my concept to the fierce sharks. Even though I did not receive any investment from the Sharks I soon realised - after all the hype - the way in which I have touched so many lives and how my story has the ability to inspire and contribute to others success. In December 2016 (without any investment from the Sharks) Alila Professional Makeup was sold to me. The company and all intellectual properties was trusted into my hands as the new managing director - my biggest dream become a reality at the age of 26. I become the proud owner of my own makeup brand. The main reason why I started my store 2 years before.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

It isn't always as glamorous as it looks. I function on 12 - 15 hour work days, have the lives of 10 beautiful woman in my hands, a loving husband and myself to think about. Every decision I make I need to consider all these factors and how it will affect it/them. Both my companies require a large amount of cash flow and in tough economic times it isn't always easy to maintain cashflow as desired. I had to learn the importance of planning and making big decisions with consequences. Regardless of all the stresses, I know for every hurdle there is a slide. I also believe every hurdle in life prepares me for the next big thing.

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