Tiffini Wissing Hein

Companies Name:
Old School Cool

What does your company do?

Our flagship service, Cool (kids') Cabs, safely transfers school children from over 150 schools in the Johannesburg region, daily. Through extensive driver training (not limited to defensive driver courses as well as hijack prevention), along with advanced technology (including live feed, onboard cameras as well as live tracking), we boast in excess of five million injury free kilometers. Cool (kids') Cabs employ only lady drivers, and the service offers a reliable alternative for safety conscious, busy parents who need assistance getting their children to and from various commitments.

What has been your biggest success?

The business has brought endless joy, with various wonderful acknowledgements and awards along the way. Whilst our phenomenal safety record (over five million injury free kilometers) remains a massive feather in our cap, and something I am incredibly proud of, I still feel our biggest success has been the growth and development of our staff. The ladies in our employ are a powerhouse and being witness to their growth within the company continues to delight me. We are passionate about our people and proud to say that, barring a single employee, every one of our management team started in our employ as a driver and has grown within the company. On a personal note, I feel particularly proud of the fact that I am able to balance this amazing business with a busy family life. Currently, I am mom to five children under the age of five, two biological and the remainder in crisis care. Being a kangaroo mother has, whilst being immeasurably rewarding, deepened my connection with society and provided a pivotal insight into the challenges too many women face. I feel immensely privileged to be able to indulge myself in this meaningful work whilst simultaneously being able to continue in business!

What has been your biggest hurdle?

I suspect our biggest hurdle is still to come with the launch and development of our newest service which will address the injustices of the transport systems within townships. We are proud to be working (alongside some of four super ladies!) on a cost effective transport solution, which upholds our current safety standards and commitment, aimed at children who currently do not have access to this type of luxury (and are either walking through dangerous areas or being forced to take substandard transportation, such as the notorious 'bakkie-taxis'). The gamble too many mothers need to make each morning in allowing their children to be transported in overloaded, unroadworthy vehicles with unverified drivers, is something which needs to end. Getting buy in from government, along with a large corporate backer, is likely to be our largest hurdle to date.

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