Abigel Sheridan

Chic Mamas Do Care

What does your company do?

Chic Mamas Do Care is a South African volunteer-based, purpose-led brand founded on sustainable fashion, intent on supporting educational development projects to help break the cycle of poverty in SA. It was founded in 2010 by Abigél Sheridan in Cape Town with the ambition to help make a positive impact on educational development projects. She did this by facilitating the sale, trade and swapping of good quality preloved clothing, with all proceeds going towards the selected project beneficiaries. Using sustainable fashion to help break the country's cycle of poverty, Chic Mamas Do Care has established boutique stores based in Cape Town, Joburg and Durban. The NPO has supported pre-schools, literacy and numeracy projects, and ECD (Early Childhood Development) centres over the years. Guided by the pillars of sustainable development, the purpose-led brand positively impacts communities, the environment through recycling and upcycling and creating a stable social enterprise that grows annually. Since its inception, Chic Mamas Do Care has donated R8million+ to various projects. Abigél hopes that her efforts in supporting communities will inspire others to take some action and become active citizens in the fight for education equality.During 2020 and Covid19, Abigél expanded on the idea of conscious consumerism and created an online pre-loved marketplace called Love It Again, brought to you by Chic Mamas Do Care.Abigél believes Chic Mamas Do Care exists and continues to thrive because of “Ubuntu” - communities coming together to positively make a difference for the people and the environment.

What is your biggest success?

Distribution of 8 million Rand to projects like: - Pre-School makeovers - ECD Centres - Literacy and Numeracy projects - Art Therapy, Music, Dance and counselling interventions - Creating libraries, supporting other under sourced pre and primary schools, camps

What has been your biggest hurdle?

We take 'hurdles' like lessons. They teach us how to become better in what we set out to do. The best way to overcome certain challenges is to realise, some of them we can change and some of them we just have to work with. The bottom line is to keep the passion burning to fuel the purpose. Then hurdles become lessons, which bring opportunities. One of the greatest examples of this: when Covid hit us and we had hard lockdown, we had to close our physical shops for almost 2 months. I was panicking, and that is an understatement. But as a result, we created the newest adventure of ours: an online pre-loved marketplace. Love It Again was born: www.loveitagain.co.za.

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