Amanda Sibiya

Branding Africa

What does your company do?

Branding Africa is a renowned branding agency that envisions a prosperous Africa driven by industry-leading African brands. Our mission is to support African businesses and entrepreneurs in building strong brands through comprehensive brand development programs, workshops, and strategy consulting services. We also offer brand consulting services to corporates, helping businesses succeed in the digital age and representing innovation in the global landscape.Our inception was inspired by the need we identified among African entrepreneurs who struggle to build a strong brand around their businesses, resulting in many failing before reaching their 3rd anniversary. With 22% of the working-age population in Africa starting businesses, but a significant percentage of them failing, we aim to capacitate African businesses to grow and thrive in a way that positively impacts the communities around them and the African economy.

What is your biggest success?

Our significant achievement has been establishing ourselves as a sought-after voice representing entrepreneurs in Africa. Over the past year, we have been privileged to participate in policy-making conversations that benefit entrepreneurs and promote trade across the continent, specifically in relation to the African Continental Free Trade Agreement. In addition to supporting over 100 entrepreneurs through our brand development workshops, masterclasses, and consultations, our greatest success lies in being able to contribute to high-level discussions addressing the challenges faced by entrepreneurs throughout Africa. Being part of these conversations and having a seat at the table allows us to serve African businesses and entrepreneurs on a larger scale, advocating for their interests and driving positive change. We are proud of our role as a trusted partner and influencer in policy-making conversations, and we remain committed to leveraging our expertise to make a lasting impact on the entrepreneurial landscape in Africa. Our continued involvement in these discussions further solidifies our position as a leading branding agency with a deep commitment to the growth and success of African businesses.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

As a young company we have encountered challenges due to our recent establishment. Since our inception in 2022, with less than 1000 days of operation, we have faced resistance from industry gatekeepers who reinforce red tape, often excluding us from crucial discussions and the industry. Despite the extensive experience and expertise of our team, which spans over 1000 days, we are sometimes marginalized due to our status as a young organization led by a young, black, female owner. Breaking into the industry and competing with established agencies and organizations has proven to be a significant hurdle. Despite these challenges, we remain resolute in our mission to positively impact the industry and occupy spaces where we can make a difference. We are determined to overcome these barriers, advocate for inclusivity and diversity, and continue to contribute our unique perspectives to the dialogue on entrepreneurship in Africa.

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