Amy Samuels

Unmaskd. Media

What does your company do?

Unmaskd media is a digital media agency. Our core focus is to capture untold, unrestricted and unscripted stories, specifically in (but not limited to) sport. We are a group of passionate content creators and producers with a common desire to capture various elements of sports and media. Our aim is to change the narrative in how sports is being consumed and told. Based in Cape Town, our services stretch throughout the country. These include: - Digital marketing - Video CV/ Showreel - Sport docu-series - Short video and static ads - social media - social media consulting - athlete and brand management

What is your biggest success?

The birth of Unmaskd. Media is by far our biggest success and highlight. The build-up to this moment is indescribable. I traveled to France for the Women’s World Cup for another project. While I was there, I found myself being pushed out of my comfort zone in terms of thinking about what I’d want sports media to look like back home. I also knew that I’d continue being pushed out of my comfort zone once this business kick-started. But, years of dreaming and envisioning this goal, all started falling into place the moment I touched home soil. With little to no resources we started filming our first ever docu-series and used it as a way to find our rhythm and style of story-telling. It’s raw, it’s real, it’s full of passion.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The biggest obstacle has been juggling a full-time job and managing Unmaskd. Media at the same time. While we have gotten a few paid gigs since we launched in October, it hasn’t allowed me to do this full-time and pay the staff the salaries they deserve. In saying that, this team has been so supportive from the beginning and financial burdens have never hindered us from the main goal – telling stories in sport. Another obstacle that we often face is having to turn down certain projects because we don’t have the financial backing to withstand the magnitude of the campaign. We are however, incredibly blessed and grateful that opportunities like this have come so soon in our journey. And we hope that we’ll be able to fulfil tick off more goals on our vision board.

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