Ayanda Nosipho Dlamini

Umbuso wethu PTY LTD


What does your company do?

My company is a waste management and recycling it collect recyclable waste and sell it to companies that recycle it further. I collect waste from local various schools,parks, shopping malls, roadside and informal waste collectors and sort out according before it transported to my buyers.

What is your biggest success?

My biggest success is that I have people that derive their living from collecting the recyclable waste for my company and that alone makes me smile because I'm contributing in minimising the poverty in my local community and the feeling is awesome.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My hurdle is transportation of my recyclable waste to those companies as it requires fuel and car service another one is to get contract from big corporations of which it an uphill because those corporates they don't just give small companies contract.

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