Boitumelo Mmakou

Mashadi Media

What does your company do?

Mashadi Media Business profile Mashadi Media service, established in 2018 is owned by Boitumelo Mmakou, introduces you to a team that promotes and creates public awareness of you as a client specifically in South Africa and/or the world. We ensure that a prospective client receives the personal attention that their business warrants. We implement powerful, proactive and passionate media relations efforts in traditional and new media avenues and offer a comprehensive range of integrated marketing services to meet the unique needs of every client. We provide comprehensive press relations assistance for your entity. As PR we focus on the digital, broadcast media – television, and radio press. In some instances, the promotion of a brand may include sales and marketing as not all broadcast or print publications are keen to do the trade for free. Our cost to clients remains reasonable. We can establish a suitable fee for everything together, the costs are negotiable. On a monthly basis, we create a target for the press relations we do for clients. We plan on securing press, broadcast, and generate massive media buzz across traditional, social and digital platforms for a client. Please note the fee depends on what services you require, there is work we do that is additional service such as marketing, content creation, talent management, media liaising for media partnership and social media managing.

What is your biggest success?

The business has also evolved in the last year, and this was a milestone that for me brought success, I expanded the business not just to dancers but to other creatives and artists, this allowed the business to grow exponentially. I went from one client in every six months to now 3 clients for a full year, including a dancer, musician as well as a news anchor. The business now offers marketing and sales consulting, acting as a middle man between my clients and media sales as well as media marketing, this was established in 2019 when my client, Soweto Ink, got to partner with BET Africa for Soweto Ink tattoo convention. As an entrepreneur, my success is being recognised as a woman in business being awarded, Top Pan African Award in Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government program in the sector of Media 2019 and making it on 2018 TYI ( The Young Independent) Top 100

What has been your biggest hurdle?

While working for a niche market of creatives, made my business unique, this also served as a challenge because dancers despite needing public relations don't have the money to pay full rates, and often times I struggled to make the company grow financially because of this, expanding the business services has allowed me to still be able to take on dancers and do their PR. Previously media failed to take me seriously, most if not all, would ignore my requests for interviews and requests for profiles in their magazines and newspapers. Due to this, I always fell behind with deadline for a number of media pushes we would do that month, and the client would not trust that I could get them on to the media platforms they wanted. It's helped to formalize the work my clients do and help them build their brand. It was also a big deal for us to now have media platforms such as True Love online, Sowetan, YFM and even The Citizen recognize my clients and be keen to write about them.

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