Boniswa Mayeza

Shesha Pty Ltd (K2019/536969/07)

What does your company do?

There 2 a Shesha Pty Ltd and a New hope for Rapha (Non Profit) 1.Hope for Rapha (a Non profit company) which helps people who are being abused to heal and recover it has contributed a lot even to other NPO’s including (Ladies with Wisdom)helping woman who went through abuse,divorce with counseling helping them to recover and heal also reviving and empowering community and woman to stay positive working closely with teachers ,social workers,nurses and counselors. 2.A Shesha Pty Ltd -It a business Consultation Company which has helped about 27 companies to register and operate as we approaching 4IR we focusing more on coming with new relevant innovations ,as we currently developing Emergency Services and Learning Zone App (which has live video streaming teachers uses the app to teach students) it called Shesha App which is going to be launched end of May 2020 (in this project we working closely with DUT CSE as a sponsor )

What is your biggest success?

1.It when I was Nominated in DUT (Durban University of Technology) in Student Entrepreners Innovation and Entrepreneurial Awards for the Best Idea of the Year 2019 Award and I won the Award 🥇 2.when I was Awarded a certificate of Appreciation by the ( Ladies with Wisdom NPO) for helping woman empowering and Motivating them and for always being there for the organization to grow. 3.And when I officially got a sponsor to start with the idea that I had ever since I was born and being able to start working on it as we will be lunching it at the end of May the Emergency service App, the idea is the Emergency Service App which was driven by how I was born as i was born in a rural area where there was no street names when my mother was in labour pain they called the ambulance 🚑 but it didn’t arrive until I was born she was assisted by the neighbors as a result mom had a problem in her womb and my eyes were bleeding day and night due to that so I had a lot question and anger about how the emergency service operate and it was not only me it was a norm in the area so I wanted to stop it and help everyone not experience what I and my mother went through (Emergency Service App was born it going to help everyone get help fast and easy Anywhere and anytime)

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest hurdle was to get a mentor and having an idea that is going to help people but not having resources or sponsors to sponsor the idea ,and seeing people everyday suffering but knowing that I have a solution to what they suffering from but still can’t help them because the solution is not there yet ,it not tongible and not implemented because of not having the right resources to implement it.

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