Carmy Davis

Davis Clothing

What does your company do?

We specialise in Babywear for Woolworths. I am on the 3yr Woolworths Supplier development program

What is your biggest success?

There are so many highlights We survived the COVID 19 pandemic having been but only 6 months old We scored 9.9/ 10 for our Quality Manufacturing audit for a Babywear factory...this is the highest of standards in terms of an audit We are BEE Level 1 Since our commencement date until current , have we not received 1 customer return and we have products more that 50 000 garments which consist of more than 1 garment.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Woolworths has been the only retailer who has opened their doors and walked this journey with me. I have knocked on others doors in order to grow my business but with no success.Their is such a hype about women entrepreneurs but yet no one is willing take you by the hand and help us grow. I don't just want to do manufacturing....I want to get into real an empire

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