Cleo Johnson


What does your company do?

South African based Hospitality Consultancy started in 2017 with the aim of providing industry-specific marketing support for the travel & tourism industry, commercial strategies, PR and 'opening' teams for hotels. Nuecleo has been instrumental in launching 3 hotels locally and has an international client base. In 2021, Nuecleo will be expanding its portfolio and launching a Digital Nomad Travel Agency and Design Studio focused on commercial interior design, architecture and custom-built furniture.

What is your biggest success?

Although we were in a pandemic, I am most proud of my business as I was awarded the M&G Top 200 award in 2020, along with the MEA business award for best Hospitality Marketing Consultancy in South Africa. My latest achievement will be announced in June 2021 and will be my biggest success to date.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Launching a new business during lockdown in 2020. The hospitality industry was severely affected and I managed to launch a natural wellness brand to assist with the financial loss I had experienced.

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