Dilshad Parker

Hungry for Halaal

What does your company do?

Hungry for Halaal is a desktop and mobile-friendly platform that focuses on the halaal market locally and internationally. It offers first-hand reviews as well as user reviews and ratings. Social Media channels, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are used to share, market and interact with a growing audience. Halaal businesses are able to list in specific categories. Marketing in the form of Paid Listings, Ad Banners and Social Media Marketing are available to give greater exposure.

What is your biggest success?

I am always encouraged by stories from small businesses who immediately see an impact on their business because of something we have shared or mentioned on social media. This for me is my greatest successes. The fact that I have won the Western Cape Entrepreneurship award in the Tourism category in 2018 was such a great honour. I was featured on Mela on SABC3 and interviewed on Voice of the Cape Radio as well as Cape Talk Radio.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The biggest challenge has been to grow the business and sell the concept. It operates in a very niche market with reluctant advertisers. We plan 
to offer workshops to educate businesses on how to 
maximise social media to grow their business. 
This should result in a spin-off of new sign-ups
 as most restaurant and hospitality businesses don't have the manpower to 
manage their own social media.

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