Forgy Mokalapa

What does your company do?

Forgy Mokalapa Events of Honor is a company that hosts motivational events aimed at empowering the youth, men and women to tap into their power and live purposeful lives. Our biggest event is #Buildawoman Women Empowerment Event which has been taking place once every year since 2015. The event gives young women a platform to share their stories as a way of inspiring, healing and giving others hope and courage. We focus mainly on the importance of self-awareness & self-love, and purpose. Other events that we have launched are #Buildaman and Ligotshwa Lisemanzi Career Awareness & Mentorship Program. #Buildaman is an event aimed at normalizing "talking" for men about challenges they face and to help eradicate Gender Based Violence. The career awareness and mentorship program is to expose young people in high school to the number of careers that are available and assign them mentors that are already in the fields they would like to be in one day.

What is your biggest success?

Our biggest success so far has been hosting #buildawoman 2nd Annual women empowerment event where we had 150 attendees. That was encouraging and made us realize that there is a need for the work we do. It was an indication that our previous event attendees benefited from the event and that is why they decided to invite their friends, colleagues and sisters to come along.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our biggest hurdle has been getting sponsorship for our events. That is still the challenge. We rely entirely on ticket sales for the event to be a success. When the event is over, we are fulfilled we made a difference and at the same time, we are frustrated that we did not make any money or we owe people.

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