Gcinile Ngwenya

GVN Wellness Foundation

What does your company do?

Support Groups for Mental Health. Community Outreach Programme Feeding the needy

What is your biggest success?

The ability to support and provide therapy programs that are free to benefit even the lowest of them all in our community, the ability to launch Depression Seminars and Support Groups to fight against gender base and mental conditions

What has been your biggest hurdle?

I have always have the passion to help my communties . Through my profession I have the advantage to reach members of the community in their homes and that has given me the direct feeling of how they live. As a result I know what they need first hand , hence I have so many families that needs food parcels, minor renovation,and empowerment.I struggle to provide these needs as non public organisation.I would like to support them to be able to implement changes in their lives and also provide incentives for staff members as they volunteer their services to our organisation.Further more the office to work is also a challenge as we utilise private space to provide our services

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