Gcinile Ngwenya

GVN Wellness Solutions

What does your company do?

Health and Wellness Therapeutic counseling Marital Counseling Adolescents and Teen Counseling Mental Health Support Group Community Outreach Programme

What is your biggest success?

I have started as private company in my registration date, I have made a difference to individuals and groups , but in a process I have realised that most clients are receiving best private social services but have no means to pay for services as many are unemployed but struggling with stress, depression and mental health, as well as family problems . GVN was able to launch GVN Wellness Foundation to benefit those who cannot afford to pay for private services, to me it's has always been quality of life than quantity of clients , even though I have not been making a lot of income but I had a courage to follow my passion ,which is helping community to reach their outmost abilities.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Before 2017 life seems easier and under control , happily ever after with my fiance with four kids but everything changed in one time when he left me to fend for for my 3daughters and one son, it was never easy but that is when I turned the tables, left my previous work as we were on the same firm and started my private practice with no enough capital , I am a mentor ,a teacher , a Counselor and role player to those who look up to me, being rejected has enabled to walk tall despite challenges. Yes I have not reach my destination but will not look until I do.

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