Genya Gluckman


What does your company do?

At Beulah we make plant-based ready made meals and do plant-based catering using ingredients that are locally-sourced and sustainable.

What is your biggest success?

I have gained the support of the most popular Plant-Based dietician in Cape Town, Jessica Katlowitz (aka. The Green Dietician) who not only gave my food rave reviews but also continues to support my business. Being able to watch my business grow just by people loving and sharing my food has been so unbelievably rewarding

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Juggling my full time job and my side hustle at the same time has been crazy. Extremely late nights and very early mornings, weekends are my busiest time where I will spend up to 12 hours standing and cooking in my small home kitchen is a struggle, with a bigger kitchen space and an extra set or two of hands, I see huge success coming my way.

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