Glenda Setshedi

Career Active Training and Consulting

What does your company do?

CAREER ACTIVE is passionate about creating and hosting seminars that equip youth and professionals to make informed life and career choices. Our profiling training sessions, 3 hours long,provides individuals with necessary techniques and skills for decision-making on work and learning, in depth understanding of oneself, interpersonal interaction. Career guidance helps people to reflect on their ambitions, interests, qualifications and abilities. Our career guidance program makes information about the labor market and educational opportunities more accessible by organizing it, systemizing and making it available when and where people need it. Career Active through our profiling sessions bridge the gap between high school, tertiary and the world of work. This gap is particularly perpetuated by the life orientation subject which doesn't offer students comprehensive career guidance. The long terms effects if this are drop-out between grade ten to twelve. Changing of majors in the first year more than three times, with money and time being wasted, but most of all leaving unfilled career gaps in country with certain skills and careers being classified as scarce.

What is your biggest success?

To date Career Active works with 32 schools, 10 corporate companies and has touched over 5000 students. We ensure that opportunities are also afforded to rural and marginalized learners, leaving no child behind. In 2020, we have grown our footprint into United States and Botswana. A Mandela Washington Fellow, Glenda brings nearly a decade of experience in the training and development space. She is a recipient of the prestigious President’s Award for Youth Empowerment (TPA), a contributor to TEDx’s “100 Ideas 100 Millennials” program, and was nominated for Mail & Guardian’s “200 Most Influential Young South Africans” list. News24 also recognized Glenda as part of the 2019 Mandela 100 young Africans creating waves in the education and social development space. We pride ourselves in having students who experienced the program in the ninth grade, graduate from university and come back to mentor other ninth graders. This not only proves how important and impactful our sessions are but also how even years later, learners still wear the Career Active Ambassadorship proudly, a ripple effect of social change.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Having to put a hold on Project68 which has gained traction in the United States at beginning of 2020, transitioning from being a majority in person service, we have had to pivot and navigate through covid times, challenging our motto of "leaving no child behind"us causing us to be more aggressive about getting Project68 back on track.

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