Gugulethu Dladla

Gugnate (Pty) Ltd


What does your company do?

The company is focused in reaching out to 3 Generations and impacting each. *On younger women who are in their 20's we inspire them into becoming independent women. Through the talks we do in high schools,tertiary institutions and other events where we get invited to do a talk in. *On grown women between the age of 30 and 40 we help them to heal from the past and we are helping them to find their purpose in life. Many of the women around this age have lost their partners through divorce and death others have lost children also many are facing abuse and life challenges we offer counseling and advise to the best effective services that can help them in their situation. And on older women around the age of 60+ our mothers and grandmothers we learn wisdom and courage. *We donate and do fundraising for homes.

What is your biggest success?

Opening our kitchen to Royal Grand Camagu Farmers in packaging and cutting their vegetables to how it suits its customers.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Getting government people like nurses and police's to work with us on abuse cases as when we did our research we learned that these cases are not prioritised and young girls in our community don't have clear information on who to go to when in need of such services.

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