Happy Mohlala

Africa Business School foundation phase

What does your company do?

We are an NPO, Teach entrepreneurship and financial Literacy. We Ignite business minds and to execute their business ideas from age 7 year old. Vision: To be a leader in poverty and unemployment Mechanics. Our Mission: To plant a seed of business in the children’s minds at an young age, To be able to engage and understand business and entrepreneurship while, building confidence in their own business ideas/inventions. Our content is very unique, it encourages young minds to be problem solvers and business savvy.

What is your biggest success?

1. being able to reach out to rural and township communities, making awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship and financial literacy to our children and youth. 2. seeing the energy children possess about creating their own work, selling it and making money out of it. 3. Seeing youth entrepreneurs grow financially and being able to invest and save. ( Building Wealth for the future) most importantly I see us, being able to be poverty and unemployment mechanics in South Africa and Africa as a whole, by making entrepreneurship common in our children narrative like we do in soccer.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

1. To enroll the program at school level, to be introduced as a extra moral activity, 2. Teaching under 10 years online, 3. Data for the underprivileged children to get access to our webinars, now due to Corona Virus .

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