Jabulile Digashu

Dee Foundation

What does your company do?

About Dee Foundation Registration Number 204-260 “Passionate about uplifting lives” is our goal and slogan; it is the driving force that propels the foundations very essence .Every initiative, idea project is structured in this one sentence. We believe no man can be an island and that as a collective we can achieve far more than what a single individual could. The foundation aims at bringing together different individuals with the goal of touching and uplifting as many lives as humanly possible. The foundation was established in December 2017 by Jabulile Digashu, and began operations immediately thereafter. Over this period we have managed to bare much fruit in the quest for helping and uplifting the lives of those in our community. Vision Passionate about uplifting lives and futures of those in need, Mission • Constantly striving to fix larger systematic problems in and around our community. We aim to uplift and uphold the livelihoods of children, women and elderly community members. • Support projects that have the potential to assist beneficiaries to become self-reliant

What is your biggest success?

Assiting over 1000 people all over the country. Weve also manged to give away 3 bursaries to TVET college leaners who are currently studying towards engeenering On a montly basis we ghave managed to buy toiletries for 10 needy girls that for over a period over a year.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Funding has been our biggest challenge most of our programs are self funded we are unable to assist the masses due to lack of funding.Some of the needs of the community we cannot assist them due to lack of resources to enable us to assist them.

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