Judith Bennie

The Cover Girls

What does your company do?

We manufacture soft furnishings, curtains, blinds, scatters etc and have started a second business upcycling all the off cuts of fabric into useful products and selling those on.

What is your biggest success?

We have been fortunate enough to do an amazing Game Lodge in Zambia, A stunning house hold of curtains for a house in Germany. A beautiful residence in Mozambique, and some amazing houses in The Gauteng area. All of the above have been in collaboration with Designers or Decorators locally. The success is in the joy of the end client when seeing their reaction to a room transformed. I also love the creative ideas, when upcycling the off cuts to make the most beautiful products, which we can then sell on. Whatever we cannot use get donated to either sewing groups for training ,or the S.P.C.A for "filling" for animal beds. We try and not waste any fabrics where possible.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The fact that we are a luxury and not a necessity industry makes some months harder than others, and cash flow is always a juggle. The lock down last year would have been the end of us, but luckily we were able to manufacture fabric masks and get our essential services certificate, so we did that to survive, as well as then realizing that no-one could get winter sheeting due to covid, so sourced the most stunning brushed cotton fabric and ran a winter sheet special, which we then ran as a special to keep us going.

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