Keabecoe Moiloa

Keabecoe Moiloa Foundation

What does your company do?

It deals with social, educational and economical challenges that target mostly youth and young people. Digital Marketing for women in business in communities and Universities.She is now introduce coding and robotics in disadvantage communities. I implementing programmes that are aiming to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger to support vulnerable youth who are at risk and create safe spaces for children. I promote gender based equality and empower women. Keabecoe aims to equip young people with educational resources so that they can fully explore and develop their future careers. I run a homework assistance programme, advocacy campaigns. that encourage to keep a girl child In school. I facilitate Menstrual Hygiene Management and Wash in schools. I sell lunchboxes and uses my profit to buy healthy food, school stationary and uniform to offer underprivileged top achieving learners in my community. The foundation outsources Youth Developing Programmes that equip youth with skills such as financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Debate and Public Speaking structure in the Sedibeng region. Aftercare, Comprehensive Sexual Education. Life skills and Computer skills.

What is your biggest success?

Since I've started this journey im now an Agent of Change for Activate change drivers. I have a qualification to teach Comprehensive Sexual Education. I'm now the Chairperson of Sharpeville local business forum, Deputy Secretary for Sedibeng Youth Chamber, Learner Support Agent for MIET and Sedibeng East District DOE, Public Speaking and debate coordinator for Sedibeng, Director of Keabecoe Oageng Trading and Projects. My other achievement was when I adjudicated for Provencial debates in 2019. Creating employment for 6 young people in my community and I was able to place other young people in different working places. Ensuring some of my beneficiaries are having lunchboxes when they go to school. Being able to provide uniforms and offer sanitary towels to learners who come from disadvantage backgrounds who attend at Keabecoe Moiloa Foundation homework assistance programme and some members of the community. I managed to register businesses and organisations to young people who needed to create an impact in their lives and I'm intending to be an Agent of change for the rest of my life.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

I've been running this Organisation without being funding. Hence some of the programmes are paid for so that the organisation can sustain itsself and be able to give its volunteers Stipend. We are struggling to find a place where we can implement most of our Pogrammes hence we renting a school for aftercare programme. It's difficult to execute Entrepreneurship programmes fro the community because the municipality require us to pay for the hall. Covid 19 also is causing hiccups for school based programmes.

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