Khethiwe Sibanyoni

Khethi's Foundation

What does your company do?

Khethi's Foundation contributes to socio-economic dialogues by influencing the youth to become active agents of change. We have identified that the dire social issues we bear witness to are commonly blamed on "the government". Our generation has morphed into hashtag hypocrites that use social media as a platform to rant about what is wrong instead of deploying their influence on what we should be doing as young people to address socio-economic inadequacies. We are currently immersed in unpacking gender-based violence and the mental health effects thereof. Our #helpinggbvsurvivors initiative has raised over R100 000 in 6 months, packed and donated over 1200 comfort bags and helped over 10 shelters in Gauteng. It has also participated in TakeAGirlChildtoWork Day, providing professional career guidance to 10 girls from underprivileged backgrounds. The point is to cultivate a generation of young people willing to give of themselves, their OWN time and resources.

What is your biggest success?

1. Being featured on local newspapers namely Wits Vuvuzela May 2020 and Germiston City News August 2020. 2. Being placed top 2 in a social impact competition for news initiatives by Allan Gray Orbis Foundation entitling us to free consulting services with the Letsema Group and R10 000 cash donation. 3. Securing comfort bag packing days in collaboration with two high schools namely St Mary's School for Girls and St Stithians College. This means over 1000 pupils will be actively involved in providing immediate economic relief for gender based violence shelters in the 2021 academic year We measure real success based on our service to others and executing that service using young people cultivating an attitude of building a legacy of selflessness.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Access to consistent funding: The creation of sustainable revenue streams for a non-profit company is an onerous hurdle during the first couple of months in operation. Since official registration in July 2020 we have been thoroughly active in apply for social and government grants applicable to us. The work that we do has been heavily funded by general public donations primarily from the youth and therefore short-term funding to execute certain projects is not difficult as 2 projects have been successfully executed and 3 projects in motion for the 2021 year. Access to funding therefore, however, does not impede our growth and social impact.

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