Kidibone Motlhasedi

Kideos 1 freestate

What does your company do?

My company is focusing more on social issues within the Community regarding children ,elderly, disabled people and physically fit young people who are being abused on daily basis through the Arts workshops and trainings . In our organisation we make means of assisting our people within the community with information and also with placements of those whose lives are in danger as we also have a saftey house. Kideos 1 freestate have worked very hard that it ended up taking young girls abroad for dance competitions when they came back they came back as winners kideos have guided many young people others are still in University in the Country and there is one student that have completed a course in China . Our organisation made sure that kids go to school they get birth certificates and they are being taken away from careless parents to saftey homes.

What is your biggest success?

My biggest success in this business was me being recognized by Iwisa community legend in (2016) SABC 1,Big up SABC 1 (2018 ),Relate SABC 2 (2019),my first SABC 1 (2020) all this programmes I was nominated by my community with the hard work I do in the Community. We are also working with Seriti mine,SNC loveline and Sasolfirm for industrial theater those where the success of our Company.our steep sonetimes is when we are struggling to get assistance for kids with no documentations for them to go to school and clinics whom are challenging to assist kids whom are behind with their Vaccination and to find parents who left with the clinic card birth certificate of the kids sometimes the Grand card of the kids it not easy but we keep on burning the flame .

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our biggest hurdle in our Company is when we struggling to get gigs and fundings from stakeholders in that manner we end up cutting the salaries of our people or reduce the number of people that must work in the Company. Though it's tough we sometimes make means of them working but giving each other a chance of coming to work .

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