Lilian Mulaleni

Lee's Kitchen

What does your company do?

Lee's Kitchen sells the best kota in town it started like a joke during the lockdown but today I have employed someone from my community and I'm looking foward to expanding so that I have a delivery guy because people from my neighbouring village have been asking me to deliver but because I was not having enough funds to pay someone for delivering I couldn't. But I'm now looking foward to bigger things maybe one day I will have a franchise.

What is your biggest success?

Since I have started Lee's Kitchen my biggest success is that out of the money I am making each and everyday I can save at the end of the month and I also pay my employee. I have also achieved my goal of having a fixed account to save for my daughters education. The Kitchen have also made me to able to buy my own stand of which soon I will be building so that my 2 daughters can have their own home aswell. Before I couldn't even buy airtime for my parents but today I am able to spoil them during their birthdays by the money I make out of selling kota. It might not be enough to someone but because I'm into this business I can easily say that there is a lot of money in this business it just needs someone who is responsible and willing to serve people because being an entrepreneur is not for everyone and some things are easily taken for granted nowadays that people are after fame and soft life aswell. Lee's Kitchen made me realize that after three years I will be recognized as someone who started small and I'm willing to achieve my goal so that at the end I will be able to live a legacy for my kids and by then that will be my biggest success out of this business.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

At the beginning I was struggling to save until I came to realize that before counting my profit I must focus on how to get customers and also be the best out of all people around my village who are selling kota. It was not easy at all because when I started someone around was selling kota aswell but I ddnt take that as a big threat because I knew I was going to be different from them and my kota will be extremely different aswell. I also had a problem with load shedding since I'm using an electric machine so I could feel the pain losing customers due to that. I couldn't save at all because at the beginning I was not making enough money until I came up with a plan of saving R5 coins only and the strategy is working for me very well. Another problem will be that at the time I will be busy preparing kota for my customers I run short of potatoes chips so I had to multitask and I was pregnant at that moment so I had to do a lot of things alone but I managed by the grace of God.

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