Louisa Molise

Youngage foundation

What does your company do?

My NPC 2020 /203985 /08 focus on the general empowerment through giving back initatives. Our key focus areas include. 1. Happy feet. - 100 new school shoes giving back to 100 learners every year, to those learners who have been identified by the school management as needy kids. 2. Girl power - 500 sanitary pads drive ee ery year, the goal is to keep 500 female learners in school every year, and build confidence and self esteem. We bring in gynecologist to menetor and educate young women on personal hygiene and tackle all issues they are facing 3. End hunger and poverty - our food parcels and othing giving back, is aimed and targeted to those families where there is no employment at home, and where poverty is very high. Every year. 4. Gogo icare - the need to assist those eldery parents both men and women in the old age homes, to inspire them, motivate them and assure them that they are still being supported by the community, we arrange projects such as zoo trips, fruit basket giving, walking sticks provision, lunch with them on a yearly basis 5. Change my life. Prison movement, where we visit the prisons and we donate motivational and inspirational books to prisoners for inmates to start reading and building a reading skill and also provide prison empowerment talks.

What is your biggest success?

Being nominated 2019 by Youth Achievers Awards as Young Woman of the year Being nominated 2020, by women in Business and leadership awards for 2 categories. Woman of the year and woman in community and charity of the year Releasing my first audio book 💿 CD. Titled let it go, better days are coming 2019 Completing my first book - every girl needs a plan 2020.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Capital, funding opportunities, so most of the work I self fund my projects, I save as much as I can, so I can see my goals of empowering communuties being achieved.

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