Lynda Bryant

Thrive - Better than Well

What does your company do?

We are Thrive – your integrated solution to health and wellness where our aim is to help you be BETTER THAN WELL! We achieve this through our one-stop shop concept with an integrated health shop, pharmacy, juice bar and health services. We pride ourselves on personal, professional and trustworthy advice and are committed to providing quality services to the communities in which we serve. At Thrive, we have done the research so you don’t have to – we have sourced the best natural, organic and local ranges to help you be better than well. You can shop a wide variety of vitamins and supplements, natural remedies, natural and organic healthy foods, specialised mom and baby products and organic skin care ranges. We support small, local businesses within our community and the greater South Africa, understand the importance of living well, caring for our environment and creating sustainable and eco-friendly living.

What is your biggest success?

The successful execution of the birth and rebrand of my small community pharmacy, previously known as National Road Pharmacy to the integrated health and wellness space of "Thrive - Better than well" during 2016, which has become a well known destination in KZN. I have been priveleged to have received a number of accolades. Nedbank Businesswoman of the year in the professional category provincially and nationally in 2008, the SA Pharmacist of the year in 2009. As National Road Pharmacy, we have been awarded Best Pharmacy Facility in South Africa in 2013 and as Thrive, Best Community Pharmacy in South Africa in 2019 by the South African Pharmacy Council. In 2019, a major milestone for Thrive was having Kevin Hedderwick, former Group Chief Executive of Famous Brands Limited , acquire a strategic equity stake in the business, as part of his venture capital ambitions. Kevin has an enviable record in growing businesses. And 2020, has seen us embark on our second store opening in Ballito.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Finding the right people to partner with on this journey has been a challenge. We prize ourselves on professional service and look for high calibre, like-minded individuals to join our journey. I have been blessed with an amazing team and credit a lot of success to the people within Thrive. Ensuring the correct locations for growth to fit our brand guidelines, of ensuring accessibility and convenience to our customers.

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