Marcia Monareng

Millennial Mindset Media

What does your company do?

Millennial Mindset Media is a solutions driven creative agency that is 100% black owned and female led. We pride ourselves in taking a personal and strategic approach to business problems. We believe in constantly innovating and working closely with our clients to achieve maximum results.South Africa has one of the highest youth unemployment rates and this isn’t only due to lack of Education, there are many young skilled and educated people who are not given an opportunity to work because of their ‘lack of experience’. At Millennial Mindset we believe in giving young people a platform to showcase their skills and talents through our freelancer model and influencer campaigns. Our inclusivity allows for us to have a plethora of innovative and fresh ideas which most existing media companies overlook. This also creates job opportunities, thus improving the economic status in our communities.Millennial Mindset Media has had the privilege of working with impactful organisations such as the S.MAB Agency and S.MAB Training Academy. S.MAB Agency provides healthcare job placements for qualified health practitioners, while S.MAB Training Academy’s focus is on ensuring that aviation, as an industry, becomes accessible and inclusive to young black women who are interested in the field. Millennial Mindset Media plays a crucial role in ensuring that these companies continue to drive positive change in our communities.

What is your biggest success?

Millennial Mindset Media won the “Most Recognised Business on Social Media” at the South African Social Media Awards (SASMAs) and I personally won the “Social Media Brand Campaign of the Year” in the same event. Winning two awards on that night showcased the incredible journey the agency had undergone in the previous year (2022) and being recognised for it made me believe that I am truly working towards something big. Just recently, the agency was nominated under the services category in the Youth-Owned Brands Awards. This is another big opportunity for the company and it is already amongst the biggest highlights since our agency’s inception.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

As a young woman entrepreneur, one of my biggest challenges in business has been transitioning from working in the agency to working on the business itself. Having spent years in the industry as a creative professional, I became accustomed to being deeply involved in the day-to-day operations. While this approach did result in a high retention rate, it hindered the business's ability to scale effectively. To overcome this challenge, I implemented a strategic plan. Firstly, I automated various small tasks within the agency, which helped streamline processes and free up valuable time. Additionally, I made the decision to hire talented creatives to handle the day-to-day tasks, allowing me to shift my focus towards driving business growth and development. By delegating operational responsibilities to my team, I gained the opportunity to immerse myself in strategic planning, exploring new avenues for expansion, and fostering valuable partnerships. This shift has not only enabled the agency to scale efficiently but has also allowed me to leverage my creative expertise in innovative ways to drive the business forward.

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