Martine Solomon

Mzansi Financial Education and Media

What does your company do?

Established in 2014, Mzansi Consumer Education and Media was born out of the realisation by its founding shareholders, that a big gap exists in consumer understanding and knowledge of financial services products. With approximately 20 years of collective Financial Services industry experience to draw from, Mzansi Consumer Education and Media is not a generalist consumer education provider. Instead, we are able to draw from our many years of industry experience to design and roll out tailor made initiatives with spedific and clearly focused results. Our independence as a service provider is one of the pillars of our value offering, that ensures objective, balanced and accurate information to consumers. Our Client Focus: We consider our clients to be the end-user consumer who lacks appropriate knowledge and understanding of the various products and services on offer from the financial services industry. Therefore, while we are contracted to some of the leading financial services companies to deliver consumer education initiatives for them, we remain steadfast in our dedication to disceminating information that benefits and empowers the consumer. Our Vision To be the preferred and trusted financial services Consumer Education provider. Our Mission To develop simple, accurate and independent financial services Consumer Education initatives. Our Values Objectivity, integrity, independence and enlightenment Our business is built upon the foundations of four core values: objectivity, integrity, independence and enlightenment. All of these values ensure that we consistantly deliver unbiased information to consumers, which ultimately enables them to make informed decisions when consuming financial services products. Objectivity requires that we are objective in our assessment of and review of various products and services available to the consumer. Integrity requires that we are open and transparent in educating consumers, and that we act at all times in the best interests of the conumer. Independence requires that we maintain an unbiased and neutral approach when dealing with various financial services providers. Enlightenment requires that we at all times stive to leave consumers enlightened about the financial choices they make. Financial Services Products Knowledge We pride ourselves as a specialised Consumer Education service provider which relevant knowledge and expertise of the industry. Our clients can rely on us to develop effective and high impact initatives that will benefit their product consumers. Our team has extensive knowledge of the following financial services industry products: • Employee Benefits • Retirement Funding (Pension/Provident Fund) • Health Care Insurance • Short Term Insurance (Personal and Commercial) • Group and Individual Life Cover • Investment Planning • Funeral Cover • Dreaded Disease • Disability and Impairment Protection

What is your biggest success?

We have directly impacted in excess of 6000 sustainable small businesses within the South African economy and we have presence as an organisation 11 countries in Africa. I am the host and Judge on SABC1 Entrepreneurship Development Show, Making Moves since 2015. I am currently the Entrepreneurship Coach and Mentor on ETV Morning Show Currency Segment. I am the Entrepreneurship Development coach and Mentor for Acer Africa Insta Pitch . I continuously do ad hoc Financial Segment on South Africa's Leading Radio Stations and I have sone development workshops with African Governments and Global brands.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest hurdle is having to showcase how our socio-psychology impacts our current decision making abilities and how both corporates and our governmental leaders do not see the correlation in respect to us aligning all of these in order to achieve greater micro economic growth which in turn aligns to the macro economic impact that we so desperately need in order to address and dirtily feed into the socio economic disruptions.

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