Mia Geringer

SolveCo Pty Ltd

What does your company do?

We assist companies with their administration software. We also fix and rebuild data for insurance companies and Pension Funds. Clients will contact us when they look to change or upgrade a system. We have experience in most of the software available in Africa. Our experience makes us the system implementation partner of choice and we built strong relationships over the years. I approached the Actuarial Society of SA to share my knowledge. I now chair the Actuarial Society's System and Technology committee and hope to one day develop a new subject for the profession, in this field.

What is your biggest success?

I went from high school dropout to qualified actuary, with grades barely good enough to make it into varsity. Coming from a poor family I started working part-time while still trying to attend school. But juggling a part time job and high school wasn’t easy and eventually one had to give. I decided to drop out in Standard 9 and finished my final year by myself. I was drawn to actuarial sciences so it was important to finish high school. With subpar grades I tried to convince a very a skeptical professor at the University of Pretoria to give me a chance. I was relentless and eventually he succumbed. It wasn’t easy but I managed to defy the odds and qualify as an actuary. A few years and a few jobs later I opened my own niche actuarial firm .

What has been your biggest hurdle?

When I started my business I was still studying to qualify as an actuary. My competitors were companies such as Deloitte and PWC and I didn’t even have an actuary on staff. I basically started an actuarial firm without an actuary, no startup capital and no HR knowledge. These three things proved to be the biggest hurdle I had to overcome. I built my company in my living room and in the shadow of giants. But slowly and patiently I managed to grow a strong core team and carve out my very own niche in the actuarial world.

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