Mmamontsheng Dulcy Rakumakoe

quadcare occupational health

What does your company do?

many south africans do not have access to quality, affordable healthservices that respects patient dignity. Less than 15% of south africans are on any form of medical aid cover. quadcare is a network of medical centres in low to middle income communities. we leverage technology and task shifting to provide access to affordable healthcare to the "missing middle". We provide onsite primary and occupational healthservices as well to companies in mining, construction, logistics and manufacturing sectors

What is your biggest success?

we have set up 9 medical centres in the few years we have been operating and employed more than 40 young people. Our brand is very visible in the communities we are in and is associated with treating patients with love and respect. Each of our centres treats more than 400 patients per month. This has great;y improved our media presence with regular radio slots and TV appearance

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Access to funding and access to the right human resource capital. It is very difficult to find the right young people, who fully buy into the vision and are able to deliver on the mission of the company.

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