Molatelo Mainetje-Bossman


What does your company do?

We implement Skills and Internship Programmes in film and television production at no cost to the learner. Our payoff line is 'Storytelling Firsthand' inspired by the need to develop skills in film and television production, in a way creating a platform for beneficiaries of the programmes to use the craft to tell their own stories, in their own languages. We have throughout the years trained over 350 young people. Some of them are successful filmmakers, and running their own companies. We implement the programmes with support from MICT SETA and National Film and Video Foundation. What sets us apart from most organizations the do the work that we do elsewhere is that we always avail ourselves for after programme support. In some cases, we assist learners who are keen on starting their own businesses and also working closely with local NYDA and SEDA offices to ensure the learners get exposed to entrepreneurship opportunities. In response to the need to offer recognized training, we are now accredited as Africa Institute of Multimedia (AIM)® to offer nationally recognized qualications and occupations in film and television production, as well as journalism.

What is your biggest success?

We had our first 50 learners on a learnership programme receiving their certificates in 2020 Added Journalism to our list of qualifications of offer by AIM® Ran a programme with the biggest number of learners - 120 spread across the 5 districts of Limpopo. Being awarded Outstanding Provincial Contributor Award representing my province, by SAFTAs 2021

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Introduction film and digital media to a community that was never exposed to the sector before. It took us a good 7 years to finally become a trusted brand to be associated with a sector that was too sophisticated for rural South Africa. We still rely much on support from national structures and agencies of government for support as at the local and provincial spheres the sector is still not fully recognized as a sector with economic spilloffs.

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