Mushfiqoh Samodien

Aspire Solutions

What does your company do?

Aspire Solutions is a specialist information technology company focusing on custom development that helps organisations take high-impact steps towards solving business problems. We have extended our business with partnerships within Learnerships and Incubation to ensure we empower SME's and educate the youth. Aspire holds an entity the Aspire Honeycomb Network whereby we showcase that across industry technology is on the forefront. Check out my personal page on instagram and tags on how we are aligned to social media and empowerment. We have only recently started marketing our work. @mushfi_qoh We subscribe to the 4th Industrial Revolution and our experience aligned to digitisation within social media is proving effective.

What is your biggest success?

Entering the entrepreneurial rhelm eight years ago as a consultant, a one-woman band leaving behind the comfort of corporate to follow a dream and hope for the best. The success in achieving the strength to take the risk and to be self-motivated was by first achievement. With the new-found confidence and strength within my capability, my realisation on the power of the network gained over years stood in my favor and proved to aid my goals within consulting. Pushing ahead as an implementation partner, my biggest achievement was alignment on a joint project with Aspire Solutions specialising in Geo-spatial technology and Data. It was clear that the synergy between the two skillsets proved valuable working on a large project. My greatest success was establishing my foundation within Aspire Solutions 4 years later as the Business Director and shareholder. A company offering end to end services with Information technology.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The biggest hurdle overcome starts with the reality that you are defining your own destiny without a safety net. The reality of creating business, knocking on doors and remaining positive. Setting the foundation of your business objectives, values and more so taking the lessons learnt and using the lessons to activate opportunity. As an entrepreneur we struggle to stay motivated to create sustainable partnerships and more so to enable the capabilities as simple as what is your product, how will you make a difference and why should companies use you. That becomes the key focus along with sustainability and growing your business. As an entrepreneur we have vision and passion but the guidance within executing your business plan (If you have one, if not assisting with it) becomes the hardest challenge when coping with survival and day to day needs. The hurdles are where I have seen opportunity within a forum such as this to aid and empower young business and/or refocus existing business.

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