noluthando mbele

silwela inguquko youth group

What does your company do?

The group sees this as vital, as a healthy lifestyle decreases chances of diseases as well as assists in one having a healthy mind, thus one is more alert, and has enhanced performance and durance in activities they partake in. We are a group of young individual who believes and fight for change within our community or our society at large. we tell our story through art performance which involve a various number of talents (stage plays, music, poetry & drama).

What is your biggest success?

we have decrease the high percentage of young people on streets.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

finance since we do not have any sponsor or donor it is very difficult to do some other activities. silwela inguquko youth group believe that after 3 months of practice we should host events where we invite the parents and the community to come and see what are we doing on weekend as we always meet up.

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