Nonkululeko Ayanda Ngalo

Dial A Legal Assistant

What does your company do?

Dial a Legal Assistant is a company specialising in the provision of Ad – Hoc Legal Assistant Staffing Solutions. We provide staffing capacity to Law Firms, Companies or Legal Entities who are temporarily understaffed only for the duration that they need an extra helping hand. No long term employment contracts, no monthly salary expenses. Our services are two-fold:1. Ad-hoc Staffing Solutions.Our Legal Assistants will only be provided when necessary or needed by a specific company or Law Firm. For example, we can provide a specific company or Law Firm with 5 Legal Assistants for 1 week. This would help the Company or Law Firm:Boost office productivity when understaffedOptimize timeMinimize hiring costs Handle contract overflowCover employee absence​2. Permanent Staffing Solutions:In this category we recruit suitable candidates to permanently join the Company or Law Firm, subject to our recruitment placement process.Our Vision: To leave no Law graduate unemployed, and to leave no company overwhelmed with administrative backlogs.

What is your biggest success?

By far, the biggest success of Dial a Legal Assistant has been giving me the inspiration and strength to stand as a beacon of hope and job creation for unemployed Law Graduates who remind me much of myself when I was an unemployed Law Graduate before I started the company. Like myself, many Law Graduates anticipate that their qualification will open up doors of opportunity for them. Ironically, the opposite is the case for many South African Law Graduates. The Law Graduate market in South Africa is saturated and over populated relative to existing traditional job opportunities. Through partnerships with various Clients and especially our biggest breakthrough, a partnership with the well reputable company: Legal Wise, we have been able to create job opportunities nationally for unemployed Law Graduates across South Africa. Our biggest success has been shaping the career futures of unemployed Law Graduates through job creation.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our biggest hurdle to date has been recognition and establishing a reputable presence in the legal industry. Although our company naturally falls in the legal industry, our business model is innovative and adaptable to the prevalent modern times of society. The Legal Industry tends to be quite traditional and prestigious. It has deeply established its reputation through the well established legal traditions of centuries and decades before our time. Introducing a new business model which aims to preserve the integrity and prestige of the Law Industry while adapting to prevalent work conditions and modern times such as the Corona Virus Pandemic has been very difficult as many existing Law Firms or Companies are unfamiliar with a business model that still enables maximum productivity at minimal employee presence.

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