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Buletsa Trading

What does your company do?

Buletsa Trading is in the Air Pollution Control Space, specializing in Dust Filtration, Maintenance and Repair, refurbish and design of Dust collectors, hoppers and ducting. Conduct System Audits and provide recommendations. Buletsa has a 800square meter factory where all the design of and repairs are carried out. We Ventured into steel fabrication because most of our clients wanted turnkey solutions for their dust filtration systems. Buletsa also do Pipe fabrication and installations.

What is your biggest success?

Buletsa's success came about after identifying our market, having worked in the same industry made it easy to identify the flaws of the competition. Most of the competition are older companies been in existence for more than 80 years and still use traditional methods of approach. Business has evolved clients are looking for more customized solutions that will meet their needs while saving costs which we have been able to achieve. Buletsa's biggest success came about when we landed the Major contract from Anglo American for the Maintenance of the Dust Collectors in 2016. This had opened the doors as more companies started to realize that small as we were but we brought so much value to be recognized by Anglo.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Almost all startups do face challenges at the beginning of their business. Like wise Buletsa Trading was not immune to these challenges like lack of funding and finding and keeping qualified employees that are willing to work part time as we did not have constant work. One that was key for me was finding it difficult to break into the market, it was difficult for people to believe in my business. Finding clients was tough because Buletsa was a new company with no references, owned and run by a black woman in an Engineering field which was male dominated at the time. However persistence and confidence and being able to demonstrate what i was presenting later gave me a name in the mining Industry and even other Big Business. Now I also subcontract for other businesses in the field.

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