What does your company do?

LivCurious is committed to creating sustainable change by implementing innovative solutions tailored to our client’s vision and strategy for positive impact. We work with and consult for diverse partners who are willing to challenge conventional business structures with social purpose, human-celebration and bold creativity. LivCurious employs the concept of sustainable kindness by which we enact whole-heartedly and transparently through responsible social change creation. We aim to connect people and to instill positive mindsets by the sharing of kindness and knowledge while embracing an ecology of spirit to evolve societies mindset from one of egocentrism and self-destruction towards one of ecocentrism, wisdom and wholeness.

What is your biggest success?

Masibulele Educare Centre was a school deemed structurally unsafe for its children yet remained a vital and necessary place for its students and the community. The space they were in was totally insufficient for effective learning to take place. I soon learnt that Government funding was withheld, as the structure did not meet minimum requirements. It dawned on me, there needed to be a change. The solution was to therefore rebuild Masibulele so they could regain funding and continue to provide these children with love, education and guidance.  Not only will this structure provide a space for the teachers and children to grow, but it will be a place which will motivate others to keep dreaming and striving for success. We are creating a holistic space where creativity and imagination can flow. #LETSBUILDMASIBULELE We have rebuilt the infrastructure for Masibulele Early childhood development centre "ECD”. -Fundraising R1.6 Million -Mini documentary produced -Architectural design -Art design -Communications -Official launch for 150 people

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Changing the narrative of charity. In the society and world we live in people perceive others in the social space as being inadequate for the corporate world. We believe that if the best players were to operate in this space we would have more sustainable businesses impacting others which will have a ripple effect. The hurdle of many people and companies wanting LivCurious to operate at minimal costs or even for free as we are seen as "needy" working in the charity space. The real question is should we not be investing into humankind and mobilising the mindset of individuals and communities to empower to take charge of their future. Is giving charity and donations really going to solve the worlds problems. We need to start thinking out of the box and than fall back to our old ways. To positively change people's mindset to be conscious in their actions and behaviours is a challenge.

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