Pfadzani Exodus

Exodus Factory

What does your company do?

We are designers, manufacturers, and suppliers; specializing in machine and hand pleating techniques and delivering quality, durable clothing to retail, corporate & fashion houses and the public sector in the Gauteng area of South Africa. Quality, Durable Clothing to Retail, Corporate, Fashion Houses, and Public Sectors We are Pleat Masters Of Both Machine and Hand pleating using Techniques dating back to 1960s We are skilled in Covering of Belts, making us the only organization in the Gauteng area in South Africa with our Competitors in Durban area. We cover Buckles and Buttons aswell. Our online Store provides Exodus Brand Designs of urban Classic Wear(chic, Matured timeless style). Exodus Green e are Designers, Manufactures and Suppliers of is a By-Product (recycled) of off-cuts targeted to re-sellers, Vendors etc.. Pleated Cushions, Pleated Scarves and Belts are available at factory price for Bulk Stalk. Available 0n Takealot

What is your biggest success?

1.Breaking through into the Clothing manufacturing after 7 years of struggling to find my feet in the industry. 2.Being able to develop brands for entrepreneurs so that they can build their own companies. 3.Ability to innovate and create various income streams from Exodus Exodus Factory such as: a) Purple Oil -ladies wear brand selling at Soko district Rosebank Mall b) Exodus Green - A recycled product of material from the cutting Room ( Belts, Cushions and other accessories, selling on Takealot and Soko District)

What has been your biggest hurdle?

There has been many from when i started in 2009. took a loan and opened my fashion store which closed down after 8 months due to lack of experience in running business and other factors. The investors took me to court and everything was stripped off me and i only managed to save the laptop. After i inquired the factory in 2017 from the Previous owner Pamela Schweitzer, 80% of her Caucasian customers started living and had to start looking ta other markets to keep the company going. The idea of targeting Entrepreneurs who have online boutiques or want to start a side hussle was born and its working. I bless them and they bless me in return. Covid19 left Exodus Factory having to start from scratch all over again although we did survive the pandemic. it is 2024 and we are still yet to recover. form 24 employees to 15 employees