Praisy Dlamini

Adama wines

What does your company do?

We run a company that focuses on growing and planting grapes within the different facets of western cape and manufacture wine then on sell to customers according to their specifications as bulk . We also launched a wine brand in 2020 HER wine collection that focuses more on using our stories and background to create a meaningful impact for the future generations by mentoring and supporting them .

What is your biggest success?

I’d say the biggest success was to maintain a positive financial position after our wine industry was impacted hugely by the pandemic and managed to move volumes besides the wine saturation due to the pandemic . Most of all is the impact this has on the lives that depends on it .

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Biggest hurdle has been trying to find ways to run a sustainable business in the climate where sales are not plummeting or increasing but cost of living is .

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