Pretty Kekana

3902 Plaakie Cresent

What does your company do?

We assist teenagers to overcome social behavioral issues, to deal with adolescent, to discover themselves and unlock their potential. We do this through personal development sessions and bootcamps.

What is your biggest success?

In schools that we have worked with there has been a decrease in suicide attempt and suicides rates, young people are now making more informed decisions when it comes to issues affecting their livelihoods, physical and mental health. They are aware of career opportunities and the preparation thereof. Most of the young people who attend our programs are role models in the community and are in leadership roles while others have the confidence and have improved in their academics, sports and arts and culture. Our teenagers are now more informed about the side effects and consequences of drugs, teenager pregnancy, time and anger management and this has help them to avoid experimenting with substance abuse and to avoid sexual actives while still young.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our biggest challenge was in the beginning to get parents to enroll their teenagers into our program, for 2 years we only had 10 teenagers. We now have 57 and because of Covid-19 and lockdown we had to reject a lot of teenagers. We struggled with finances to run the programs, to buy stationery and marketing equipment

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