Prisca Kamaria Khoza

Her Internal Monologue

What does your company do?

So far we've only accomplished gathering stories and creating them for Instagram and trying to film a 6 part docu-series. We offer support to women for GBV and other inequalities. Basically, we are aiming to get a rehabilitation program where, single moms or abused women may come, learn skills and better themselves before returning into the world. We'd also like to give them shelter and have teachers to educate them on certain live skills that will make them independent and self sustainable as entrepreneurs or in the work place. H.I.M, a secure platform for women to converse freely about their experiences, concerns, finding solutions for a betterment of womanhood.

What is your biggest success?

Spreading awareness. Getting stories, creating content. Budgeting and getting important contacts from Rapid Lion

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The filming of the documentaries, getting the equipment, funding and a platform to broadcast these stories. So that more women may speak out.

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