Rachel Moncrieff-Robinson

Recycle Rachel

What does your company do?

Recycle Rachel collects recycling from homes and complexes and takes them to recycling depots. The idea came from the realisation that many people like the idea of recycling, but if it's not made easy for them, they won't bother. With Recycle Rachel you sign up, get clear bags to use and have various collection options available, along with a friendly reminder about your collection.

What is your biggest success?

As a passionate recycler, I started collecting people's recycling in my Hyundai Getz. I slowly expanded as more people realised the importance of recycling and was able to employ someone to collect it for me. I am proud to be saving the planet one bag at a time, while giving someone a regular income.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

There are millions of people who still don't pay much attention to the importance of recycling and quite frankly, have no idea where their trash goes! I wish more people would realise the impact they make on our world and that everyone would recycle.

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