Siphokazi Vapi


What does your company do?

Herspace is a social enterprise that seeks to contribute to solving challenges around education, housing and health and wellness). The registered entity, Herspace, essentially runs two divisions: Herspace Wellness, a travel wellness and accredited training provider founded in 2016. Herspace Wellness provides travel wellness, beauty and gift shopping experiences to international and local tourists and traveling executives that fly from PE international. Herspace Media, founded in 2017 is a marketing and communications solutions agency that assists businesses leverages digital platforms to grow and improve customer experience. We help our customers migrating their businesses online and scale. One of our biggest clients is a Mega City (smart city) housing development in Randfontein that will build 14 000 homes (between 2018 - 2023).

What is your biggest success?

Herspace is 100%, black woman owned, close corporation, founded during my youth. I left corporate pharmaceutical marketing in 2013 to pursue my passion and to work in a business where I can make a difference. In 2015, I enrolled in a year's Social Entrepreneurship program with GIBS. The program taught me that I can a difference in any sector. I decided to start where I am and to used my startup company and my own resources initially to make a difference. I structured my business for impact and sustainability and profits followed because we were doing the right things and solving a need in the markets we chose to operate in. It is very fulfilling to have a company that is for purpose and to get paid for a job that I would do for free. It is an amazing journey to build a social enterprise and contribute to solve societal challenges with business model approaches.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Access to corporate markets and corporate clients has been our biggest hurdle. We have the capacity and capabilities, but the barriers to entry are high and we are up against big long standing agencies that provide marketing services and big wellness providers in the corporate wellness space.

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